Some more advice to a young “schizo” in how to deal with psychiatrists

Say a scientist was to invent
a vaccine to immunise humanity
against committing violent acts,
a drug that would prevent
all wars, all murders, all assaults,
but had damaging side-effects –
a loss of initiative and creativity,
and tooth decay that results
in bloody full mouth extractions.

It would be classed as inhuman.

Humankind wouldn’t allow itself to be
reduced to such negative abstractions,
period, in order to defend free will.

But O, should you ever lose your sanity
such a drug will be forced on you,
lest you should ever lash out and kill
a stranger (and/or commit suicide).

And you’ll merely be an abstraction.
Then you won’t be part of humanity.
Then you must run away and hide.

Some words of advice to a young “schizo” about to meet a shrink for the first time

So you lashed out and they’re forcing you
to see a psychiatrist for the first time.
Stay silent. Anything abnormal in your
past will only foretell a future of crime.
Average people are often celebrated
as thugs. But you’re no longer any kind
of person. You’re a dot-to-dot drawing of
a stick figure to be stuck to a fridge full
of drugs. So stay silent. All your charming
eccentricities will just be dots connected,
and you will never heal, never mature,
never be capable of learning any lesson.
“Only by our needles,” they’ll say, year after
torturous year, “can you ever be corrected.”